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Vitamix demonstrations

Vitamix is probably the single best thing that happened to me during December holidays. After watching a demonstration, I bought one and have used it more times in three days than I used other blenders in three years. I realized the money I spent on the "next big thing" when my blenders failed me every couple of months, I could have bought a Vitamix and still saved money.

Here is how I saved money by purchasing a Vitamix:

1. No more blade issues. Blades of competitor blenders would not provide the same, consistent, even blend after the very first use. It was frustrating. With severe LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux), erosion of my esophagus, and motility issues (esophageal muscles do not contract in succession to move food through to the rest of my digestive track), liquifying foods became imperative to nutrition. After the initial blend, no other blenders would handle ice very well. I would sip my "smoothies" only to choke on kale stalks. No more purchasing blenders or blenders parts every few months. Average lifespan of a household Vitamix is over 25 years! I am saving $150-200 annually.

2. Who needs a food processor when you have a Vitamix? No one! I started making my own chocolate peanut butter cups. No additives. No extra sugars. No money spent on marketing by purchasing Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I control my carbs.

3. Who needs a juicers when you have a Vitamix? It would take about eight oranges to produce one cup or orange juice with my juicer. I get about one cup of oranges juice per orange with Vitamix, by using the ENTIRE orange. Less grocery money.

4. I used to purchase fruits and vegetables in bulk with good intentions of preparing daily smoothies. However, it took extra time to peel what required peeling, and it would be time consuming. Time is money, and a lot went to waste. Now I look in my fridge for what is about to expire, throw it in the Vitamix, waste no more.

I cannot tell you everything at once. It would ruin the  mystique. Stay tuned for more reasons I love Vitamix. Also, check my calendar for Vitamix demonstrations in Orlando.

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