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Rates and Cancellation Policy

Personal training and barre instruction rates as well as cancellation policy are subject to change without notice.  All sessions must be prepaid via cash, money order, or PayPal.

Cancellations of less than one week result in forfeiture of prepaid session regardless of personal training, barre, or consultation.

Initial consultations are $45.00 for one hour.

If personal trainer is hired after the initial consultation, the $45.00 consultation fee will be applied to first personal training session.

Clock starts at time of arrival of trainer or scheduled time, whichever is the latter.  In other words, if the trainer arrives early, the clock starts when the scheduled time is, not when the client arrives.  If the trainer arrives late, the clock starts when the trainer arrives.

We book up to a month to two months in advance due to training sessions, public appearances, speaking engagements, meetings, etc.  Please be respectful of others and remember any cancellation affects other clients and persons, not just you or the trainer.

Time slots are filled on a first come first serve basis.  If you secure a time slot, you are removing that availability from others.  If you would like to give your time slot to another person, you are responsible for the financial transaction with that person.  For example, if you pay for a time slot you can no longer use, you can find someone to take your spot.  Whether or not you ask that person for reimbursement is your choice.

We will not tolerate discrimination or disrespect.

You are solely responsible for your own personal changes.  We can help along the way, but adherence is your responsibility.

Group rates are available.

Corporate wellness programs and rates vary by organization and program specifications.

Please check our blog for notices of specials and deals.