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ProsourceFit and international day of yoga 2019

ProsourceFit has a variety of tools to assist you in and out of fitness.  During times I am not able to exercise, I still stretch via yoga techniques I have learned from chiropractors, orthopedists, and physical therapists.  In honor of international day of yoga, ProsourceFit is having a huge sale from 06/21/2019 through 06/23/2019.  Get up to 60% off all Yoga and Pilates tools.  What is even more amazing is using code "ALow15" to receive an additional discount off your purchase.

Below are a few ProsourceFit items I purchased.  The Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat was sent to me for promotional consideration, and I absolutely enjoy it.

Pilates Resistance Ring - $19.75

from: ProsourceFit

I use this Pilates resistance ring when practicing barre.

Cinch Buckle Yoga Strap - $5.99

from: ProsourceFit

This cinch buckle yoga strap is an excellent way to amplify stretches, especially if you need help with quads or hamstrings.

Set of 2 Foam Yoga Blocks - $9.99

from: ProsourceFit

Yoga blocks are helpful for stability during certain yoga poses.

Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat 1/2 inch - $18.99

from: ProsourceFit

An extra thick yoga and Pilates mat was sent to me, and, as I mentioned in my review as well as above, I enjoy it. It offers the extra cushion I need against hard surfaces.

Original Yoga Mat 1/4" - $16.99

from: ProsourceFit

The original yoga mat is great for those who do not require cushioning. I use it on softer surfaces.

Arida Yoga Towel - $12.99

from: ProsourceFit

A yoga towel helps absorb moisture and facilitates mat cleanliness.

Yoga Mat Bag with Side Pocket - $13.99

from: ProsourceFit

Why not get a bag to carry your yoga mat?

Abdominal Mat - $14.99

from: ProsourceFit

An abdominal mat is handy for those who need extra help during core exercises.

Need assistance determining which products you will use most?  Contact me!

If you are accustomed to wearing makeup while exercising, and you need a mascara that does not run, try e.l.f.  It does not irritate my eyes nor does it run for me.

For upper body stability and containment, I use Royce Impact Free Sports Bra. It is cotton. I typically wear a regular bra beneath for extra support during high intensity interval training.

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Back pain and yoga

As we age, we lose flexibility, muscles atrophy, and we need to incorporate stretches into our daily routines.  Yoga is a great way to achieve this.  One of my favorite exercises is cat camel.  Doctors recommend this for spine relief.  Cat camel benefits include:  stretching the spine (neck and back) and alleviating sciatica pain.  Abdominal organs, female reproductive organs, and gastrointestinal tract are stimulated.  One of my favorite tools for cat camel is my ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat.  There is a huge Father's Day sale, so be sure to visit ProsourceFit for great gift ideas.  Use code "ALow15" at checkout for discount on your first order.

Cat camel can be done on the floor or on a bench.  I prefer a bench.  Place your hands directly below your shoulders and knees directly below hips.  Draw your navel towards your spine.  Slowly arch your back toward the sky and hold for about five to ten seconds.  Keeping your navel drawn towards your back, arch your spine down towards the floor and hold for about five to ten seconds.

Incorporate cat camel into your routine when you wake and before you sleep.  Depending on intensity of pain and goals, three sets of ten is sufficient to notice a difference.

Get fit while supporting a public charity

Apt Fitness, Inc., is now officially a 501(c)(3), recognized by IRS as a public charity! Service donations are based on HUD guidelines and tax deductible as charitable contributions. Full priced services are available through our for profit sister corporation, and a portion is donated to Apt Fitness. Why not support a charity while paying for personal training and barre instruction? One full priced session will pay for one donated session to a family in need. 

Our goal is to open a nonprofit fitness studio. Currently, exercise services are offered at homes, offices, parks, and online. We demonstrate how exercise can be used in lieu of prescriptions in some instances. While our clients are mainly individuals affected by autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other cognitive and neurological conditions, we do offer services to everyone. 
Apt Fitness makes fitness affordable for all. 

ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat

 Prosource Fit

Having recently become a ProsourceFit Brand Ambassador, I received a purple, extra thick yoga and pilates mat for review. Good mats are difficult to locate, and they are usually very expensive. Finding thicker mats are even more difficult. These mats are $18.99, extra long, and very plush. It is 71" long and 1/2" (13mm) thick. I tried this mat for the first time, and I am impressed. Being thick, it did not feel like ground. It offered enough cushion while being supportive. The mat itself is a lightweight and did not tear. I have tried other thick mats purchased from Ross, and those mats tore very easily after barely any use at all.

The ProsourceFit extra thick yoga and Pilates Mat comes with a 30 day guarantee and lifetime warranty. I have read reviews regarding ProsourceFit customer service, and they are all positive - products and customer service.

I definitely recommend getting this mat for yourself and your clients. Some floor exercises are uncomfortable, because you can feel the ground, and clients with back issues may prefer the cushion. My opinions are not based on promotional consideration. People who know me know I do not fabricate. My opinions are honest and genuine. If I do not like something, I would either state that or keep my opinions to myself. That being said, this is a great mat.

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