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Lenny & Larry Complete Cookie

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Workplace bullying

Many people or do not understand nor accept autism. Those people are extroverts. Hallmarks of extroversion include low self esteem and insecurity. These people can only function with external validation and will never truly be happy. They are content with misery of others and bully autists. These people are sometimes bosses.

We process emotions differently, which is not acceptable to extroverts. For example, I had a boss who kept threatening to hug me and another that wrote me up for not allowing coworkers to hug me. Not everyone wants to be touched.

For all of the Kimberlys, Glorias, Denises, and Loris of the world, it is not appropriate to displace your personal problems on anyone other than yourselves. At some point, you must become an adult and take responsibility for your own actions. Workforce bullying cannot be tolerated and sadly does exist.

Pineapple Clothing Love Lucy leggings

This review is my honest opinion from my experience with the company and item purchased by me for review. I was offered an opportunity to become a brand ambassador for Pineapple Clothing, based in Aventura, Florida. The website is easy to navigate, and the site offers a variety of products with fun, vivid prints. I purchased the Love Lucy Pink Floral Print Performance Leggings, because I do not have anything similar to it in terms of print, and the color combination is eye catching.

The items are allegedly hand sewn. Customer service said they ship 7-10 days from the date of the order, due to having to custom print each item for the print to be in the same exact place on each item.  Typically companies may wait that long for bank charges to clear. My order arrived approximately three weeks after it was placed. The print was vivacious. The fabric feels cheap and reminds me of when my grandmother would sew clothes for us out of curtains, pillow cases, and any material she was able to locate around the house. It is flimsy and feels cheap.

The leggings are 85% polyester / 15% spandex. I tested them for two days, one with no exercise activity, and one during exercise. On the day I did nothing but walk and sit, the material slid off me throughout the entirety of the time worn. It has barely any elasticity and had the feel of pajama pants. The material is very thin, but not dense as performance wear should be. During exercise, I had to constantly pull up the pants. It was embarrassing. The waist band was too loose for a medium.

The fabric is not smooth and does not have the second skin feel to it. It is slightly itchy and irritating. It was not worth the three week wait or $69.00,especially when Dissident Gym Wear, Hylete, and other lines such as Alo Yoga have better quality material with better performance for the same price. If you are not going to wear these leggings during exercise, they are super cute.