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Workplace bullying

Many people or do not understand nor accept autism. Those people are extroverts. Hallmarks of extroversion include low self esteem and insecurity. These people can only function with external validation and will never truly be happy. They are content with misery of others and bully autists. These people are sometimes bosses.

We process emotions differently, which is not acceptable to extroverts. For example, I had a boss who kept threatening to hug me and another that wrote me up for not allowing coworkers to hug me. Not everyone wants to be touched.

For all of the Kimberlys, Glorias, Denises, and Loris of the world, it is not appropriate to displace your personal problems on anyone other than yourselves. At some point, you must become an adult and take responsibility for your own actions. Workforce bullying cannot be tolerated and sadly does exist.