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Exercises for autism

People often ask which exercises are best for autists. That is a tricky question. There are no "special" exercises that are "one size fits all." Just as non autists have varying medical conditions, so do autists. While core work may be best for one, it may not be best for all. A client with no medical restrictions may benefit from plyometrics, when one with a hiatal hernia will not. It is strongly recommended to meet with a trainer to discuss limitations and restrictions.

Apt Fitness, Inc., requires medical clearance from a licensed physician prior to commencement of training. Withholding information regarding medical conditions could place the participant at risk for injury. It is not required at the time of the initial consultation, but it is required prior to the first session. Typically primary care physicians can provide a simple note, listing limitations and restrictions.

Failure to disclose limitations, restrictions, and conditions may result in termination of the client-trainer relationship and forfeiture of session payment(s).