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Some understand how nonprofit organizations function. Others do not. They ask how we can be a nonprofit if we charge? The answer is simple, common sense. Nonprofit organizations must register with state and federal agencies, which means we have to pay various fees to operate. Additionally, we must pay taxes, rent, equipment, insurance, etc. Services fees cover these costs and business expenses. Without these fees, the organization could not exist to bring affordable services to the public.

We do not have employees, only volunteers. That means the people who believe in our mission are donating their time and services to us, so we can keep services fees low for you. Without community support, we could not provide reduced rate services.

Our fees are based on HUD guidelines. Services are charged on a sliding fee scale, based on income and number of dependents. Fitness and health should be affordable for everyone, so we may all have an equal chance of wellness. The difference between our organization and other personal trainer services is we are not driven by money. We do not operate with the sole purpose of capitalism or getting rich. We operate for the benefit of the people.

We understand those with cognitive and neurological conditions spend on various modalities that may be quite costly such as prescriptions, therapies, etc. Let us help you by being a low cost solution that facilitates your wellness. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.