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Gifts under $25.00 - resistance bands

Resistance bands are some of the best tools for home exercise and travel.  They are light, compact, and fit pretty much anywhere.  Here are some great resistance bands under $25.00 from ProsourceFit.  Use code "ALow15" for discount on first order.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands and loops are great exercise tools that are under $25.00 and fit neatly in vehicles, bags, and even purses.  We recommend resistance bands to clients who travel and/or do not have room for a lot of equipment.  Resistance bands come any many forms.

Leg Resistance Band - $12.99 from: ProsourceFit

Leg Resistance Bands are essential for abduction, adduction, and thigh toning.  They can be used for jump squats, sumo squats, regular squats, crab walks, and for side leg raises on the ground or mats.

Single Stackable Resistance Band - $13.99
 from: ProsourceFit

Single Stackable Resistance Bands are excellent for chest, triceps, biceps, and deltoids.  They can be anchored for use as lateral raises, face pulls, cable flys, cable crossovers, rows, and more.  Alternatively, Single Stackable Resistance Bands can be used with the handles around feet for lower body exercises as well.  If the bands are anchored, they can be used for hamstring curls.

Toner Resistance Band - $7.99 from: ProsourceFit

Toner Resistance Bands are useful for physical therapy, home exercise programs, and discharge from physical therapy.  They are compact enough to keep at your desk for stretching during the day to combat muscular issues caused by sedentary lifestyles.  Another way to use Toner Resistance Bands is to correct over and/or under pronation issues that contribute to instability and mobility concerns.

Apt Fitness, Inc., founder, A Low, incorporates resistance bands into exercise and corporate wellness programs.  Resistance bands and loops are some of her favorite items to demonstrate to clients.

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