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why i no longer support diva mode fitness


Diva Mode Fitness claims to be based on female empowerment. Their ambassador program is supposed to help the ambassador succeed through support and sales. However, sales were not credited, and support was not given. My questions went unanswered. Here is a list of items that make Diva Mode Fitness a poorly organized company with shady business practices.

1. Website. Each time I attempted to load the Diva Mode Fitness site on my iMac or PC, it was flagged for security issues as a scam site. Most of the time I tried loading the site on my iPhone, it would not load. Who wants to shop on a site that is flagged by spyware as a fraudulent activity site?

2. Credit card information. Most site ask if you would like them to store your personal information such as your credit card. Diva Mode Fitness automatically stores your credit card information without permission. Why would a site do that if the site is reputable?

3. Fraudulent marketing. According to the Diva Mode Fitness website, classic leggings are nylon/spandex. However, when the leggings arrived, the label was clearly marked polyester/spandex. My legs broke out due to some dirt/dust from the factory. When brought to the attention of Diva Mode Fitness, the story was that the wrong labels were put on the pants, and they did not want to go through the "nightmare" of correcting the labels. Additionally, the pants are photographed and marketed as leggings, not capris or cropped. The images depict females with leggings running to their ankles. That is a lie. Being 5'6.5", which is average, the leggings barely go to my calves. I had to keep pulling them down. The seams are not sturdy, making the leggings cheap with cheap wear. Who wants fraudulently labeled leggings that wear cheaply? I was told Diva Mode Fitness has cotton tank tops. According to the website, their tanks are polyester. When I asked where I could find the cotton tanks, my question was ignored. Who wants to purchase from a disorganized company that does not even know what products they are selling?

4. Supplements. Diva Mode Fitness offers creatine pre-workout, BCAA, and metabolic igniter. Many studies show creatine is not good. When the body gets acclaimated to creatine ingestion, it stops making it. The BCAA tastes like Kool-Aid and is no better than any other BCAA, but likely worse. There was no difference observed when using it for six weeks. The Diva Burn is marketed to help lose fat. It does not burn fat. It speeds the metabolism, thereby increasing body temperature. Through negative feedback loops, signals are sent to the control center to thermoregulate by sweating to cool oneself. Sweat causes loss of electrolytes. One may lose water weight, but one is not burning fat. After using Diva Burn for four weeks, proper diet and a control of little to no exercise, weight was gained rather than lossed. Normally I go to the gym for three to four hours daily, five to seven times weekly, but I wanted to test Diva Burn. It caused dehydration. Who wants a fat burner that causes you to gain weight and become dehydrated?

5. Customer service. Diva Mode Fitness did not answer or respond to my numerous questions. Being autistic, I tend to think out of the box. The one time my question was answered, the founder danced around the question by not answering. Who wants to purchase from a company that does not feel their consumers are important enough to be answered?

6. Disorganization. Diva Mode Fitness misrepresents their products as depicted above, does not respond to consumers, and changes rules of their ambassador program to rig it for their favorites. Who wants to do business with a disorganized company, looking to skirt issues and rig contests?

7. Ambassador program. The Diva Mode FitnessAmbassador Program is disorganized and poorly managed. All activities must be recorded on the Sponsored app and points are awarded. For example, if you post an image to Instagram, you enter that action in the Sponsored app, and points are awarded. For two months, I had the highest activity and points awarded. Suddenly, the rules changed. I was told I could no longer use any of my social media accounts, because none of them were authorized. Interesting I was the lead marketer, then rules change to remove my avenues of marketing. So where am I supposed to market when I am told after two months of marketing that my accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are not authorized? I posted free makreting and promotion for Diva Mode Fitness several times weekly. While that is free marketing and promotions for Diva Mode Fitness, they decided it does not count as peddling their poor quality products.

A requirement to remain active as an ambassador is to generate three referral sales, using a special link, during the first 90 days. My sales were not credited. Diva Mode Fitness wants sales, got sales, then changes theirs marketing structure to discredit sales. They do not authorize ambassadors to make business cards, flyers, or create advertisements to drive sales on websites and such, because they claim "liability." Other ambassador programs welcome such marketing, because it is free marketing and free promotions.

Who wants to work with a company with rules designed for failure of their sales representatives? Who wants to work with a company that claims it will reward you for marketing efforts then changes rules after great accomplishments to avoid giving rewards?

The lack or organization, fraudulent marketing, and questionable ethics are reasons I will no longer promote or support Diva Mode Fitness. Additionally, I am still awaiting my payout, which will likely not arrive due to the questionable ethics and disorganization of Diva Mode Fitness.