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Best portable equipment - yoga and meditation

Sometimes we forget to take a moment each day to recenter and cleanse ourselves from the deluge of negativity in our professional and/or personal lives.  Apt Fitness, Inc., founder, A. Low, keeps ProsourceFit yoga essentials in her vehicle for that very reason.  Here are her top five yoga and Pilates essentials from ProsourceFit under $25.00.

Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat 1/2 inch - $18.99
 from: ProsourceFit

The Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat is definitely her favorite.  Most mats are very thin, so you can feel the surface beneath them.  Not with this ProsourceFit mat.  Its cushion feels like exercising on a stable cloud.  Sometimes when she is traveling between gigs, she is compelled to stop at a park, inhale fresh air, and absorb sunshine.  This mat facilitates her meditation to renew her energy.

Arida Yoga Towel - $7.79
 from: ProsourceFit

To keep your mat clean and dry, use this nifty Arida Yoga Towel.  It is easy to carry and wash.  This towel absorbs the moisture, so your mat does not have to, thereby decreasing risk of bacteria.  Throw it in the washer and safe the lifespan of your yoga mat.

Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap - $5.99
from: ProsourceFit

Yoga straps help take stretches to the next level.  Use the Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap to intensify your quadriceps stretch during bow pose, kneeling quad stretch, overstepping dragon, and King Arthur.  For hamstrings, try this yoga strap during the following poses:  heron, reclining hand to big toe, seated forward bend, and sleeping Vishnu.

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